This configuration show how to test the user password validity before to update it on the Active directory database.

This script test the ability to connect to the AD using the canBind function and force the UnicodePwd update if it can't connect. If it can connect, it simply re-push the existing Active Directory unicodePWD

lsc.syncoptions.MySyncTask.unicodePwd.force_value = \ 
if (  ! LDAP.canBind("ldaps://,dc=org", \
"cn=" + srcBean.getAttributeValueById("uid") + ",ou=People,dc=domain,dc=org", \
srcBean.getAttributeValueById("password"))) \
{ AD.getUnicodePwd(srcBean.getAttributeValueById("password")) } \ 
else { dstBean.getAttributeValueById("unicodePwd") };