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 ====== Development environment ====== ====== Development environment ======
-If you want to develop LSC, you need some extra tools.+If you want to develop LSC, you need some extra tools, as well as the basic [[..:​requirements|Requirements]]:​
-===== IDE integration =====+    * Java Virtual Machine (JDK) >1.5 (tested on Sun 1.5 and 1.6 VM) 
 +    * [[http://​maven.apache.org/​download.html|Maven 2.2+]]
-You can use Eclipse, NetBeans, etc to edit the Java code. Integrating LSC and it'​s ​Maven dependencies is described [[ideintegration|here]].+===== Maven =====
-===== AntInstaller =====+    * Add the ''​mvn''​ command line wrapper to Maven in your path (through ~/.bashrc or something equivalent)
-The installer bundled in lsc-sample is built with AntInstaller. You'll need to install [[http://​sourceforge.net/​project/​showfiles.php?​group_id=123466|AntInstaller 0.8+]] 
- to update it. 
-    * To install AntInstaller:​ +===== IDE integration =====
-  - Download the archive [[http://​sourceforge.net/​project/​showfiles.php?​group_id=123466|here]] +
-  - Run it with "java -jar AntInstaller-selfextract-beta0.8.jar"​ (you may need to run this as root to install it in a directory you don't have write access to).+
-    * When you have unpacked or checked out lsc-samplecreate ​the file //build.properties//​ in the lsc-sample directory ​and add the following line replacing the //​AntInstaller.home// value with the path in your environment,​ for example: +You can use EclipseNetBeans, etc to edit the Java codeIntegrating LSC and it's Maven dependencies is described [[ideintegration|here]].
- +
-  AntInstaller.home=/​usr/​local/​AntInstaller-beta0.8 +
- +
-**Note**: If you're using Windows, you need to specify this path with //forward// slashes, for example:+
-  AntInstaller.home=C:/​Program Files/​AntInstaller-beta0.8/ ​