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Audits allow you to export applied modifications in different formats.

Audits are a work in progress, and may not work in this version. For production use, configure logback.xml file.

The audits configuration are done in the <audits> paragraph:


You still can configure audit outputs in the logback.xml file.


Parameters are:

lsc>audits>audit>csv>filename = /tmp/audit.csv
lsc>audits>audit>csv>append = true (false by default)
lsc>audits>audit>csv>operations = create, delete
lsc>audits>audit>csv>attrs = cn;dn
lsc>audits>audit>csv>separator = ; (optional)
lsc>audits>audit>csv>outputHeader = true (true by default)


Parameters are:

lsc>audits>audit>ldif>filename = /tmp/audit.ldif
lsc>audits>audit>ldif>append = true (false by default)
lsc>audits>audit>ldif>operations = create, delete
lsc>audits>audit>ldif>logOnlyLdif = true (true by default)