Upgrading from 1.2.* to 2.0

The upgrade process needs:

  • binary software update
  • configuration

Differences between 1.2 and 2.0

The main difference is the configuration file format that has moved from properties to XML.

You have to rewrite your configuration, but it is quite easy. Browse all 2.0 documentation to discover the XML markups.

LDAP parameters

The new LDAP connector requires that the full DN be provided, i.e.: the DN with naming context, whereas previous versions require that DN must be cut without naming context DN.

DN and conditions

LSC 2.0 is quite generic, so LDAP specific terms have been changed:

  • The DN constructor field is now <mainIdentifier>
  • The modrdn condition is now <changeId>

JNDI and Javascript

getFirstAttribute* functions have been renamed to getFirstDataset*. Just change Attribute into Dataset should be enough.

LDAP binary attributes

With old version, you should specify the ;binary tag to get binary attribute. This is no more needed. For example to get the userCertificate attribute:


Remember to change the default delimiter to avoid userCertificate value to be split.


If you have any trouble upgrading, don't panic.

First, have a look at your output to see if you see any errors you can fix easily.

If not, change the log priority in etc/logback.xml to DEBUG on all applicable lines, and re-try the step that was failing. If this output doesn't help you solve the problem, keep it because it will be useful to get help.

For any questions, or to get help upgrading, subscribe to the users mailing list and ask for help there. Make sure to send your configuration, exact versions (old and new) and a description of your problem. Attaching the DEBUG output is always helpful.

Alternatively, you can ask for help on IRC. See the Community page for details.