LSC contributors

This page attempts to list significant contributors to the LDAP Synchronization Connector (LSC) project. If someone's not listed here but you think they should be, send us an email and we'll correct that!

Core team

  • David Coutadeur: Integrator, Tests & Q/A
  • Soisik Froger: Main developer
  • Rémi Kowalski: Developer
  • Raphaël Ouazana : Main developer
  • Clément Oudot: Integrator, Packager, Tests & Q/A, Community Manager

Past contributors

  • Sébastien Bahloul: Project founder, Architect, Developer
  • Jonathan Clarke: Developer, Website
  • Thomas Chemineau: Developer, Website design
  • Rémy-Christophe Schermesser: A real developer who also documents stuff!