Perl wrappers to read CSV files


These scripts can be used for LIST and GET operations with the Executable plugin. They read a CSV file and provide to LSC Executable plugin the wanted entries.


Scripts are available in the scripts/ directory of Executable plugin source, and shipped with packages.

You need those prerequisites on the system running the scripts:

  • Perl
  • Perl Text::CSV module
  • Perl Net::LDAP module

Scripts must be executable.


List script

Declare list script in the plugin service:


Get script

Declare get script in the plugin service:



Use plugin services variables to define them:


Parameters are:

  • CSV_FILE: Path to CSV file
  • CSV_DELIMITER: CSV fields delimiter. By default: ,
  • CSV_PIVOT_FIELD: Which field is the pivot. By default: id
Only one pivot is managed for the moment