Perl wrappers for LDIF inputs


This script catches LDIF inputs from LSC executable plugin, and allows you to easily parse data with Net::LDAP API.

This script can be used for ADD, REMOVE, UPDATE and RENAME operations.


Script is available in the scripts/ directory of Executable plugin source, and shipped with packages.

You need those prerequisites on the system running the script:

  • Perl
  • Perl Net::LDAP module

Script must be executable.



There is one script for all operations (ADD, REMOVE, UPDATE and RENAME).



No variables needed.


By default, the script does nothing:

    if ( $entry->changetype() eq "add" ) {
    if ( $entry->changetype() eq "modify" ) {
    if ( $entry->changetype() eq "delete" ) {
    if ( $entry->changetype() eq "modrdn" or $entry->changetype() eq "moddn" ) {

See Net::LDAP::Entry POD to see how get data from the $entry object.

You can then write any Perl code or launch any command trough Perl exec function.