NIS (YP) Source service plugin

  • Minimal plugin version: 1.0
  • Minimal required LSC version: 2.1


This source service enables getting data from a RFC 2307 compliant NIS service. You will get a posixAccount complete object :

  • uid,
  • uidnumber,
  • gidnumber,
  • gecos,
  • loginShell,
  • homeDirectory,
  • cn,
  • and correct objectClass values of course :)
This service is designed as a plugin because it is based upon the Sun/Oracle JNDI provider which is not released under a free license and must be downloaded by final users.


Go in the download section, and get the NIS plugin. Then copy the plugin inside LSC lib/ directory.

You also need the JNDI NIS library, that can be downloaded on Oracle site (get the JNDI 1.2.1 service providers). The NIS jar must the be copied in your JRE libraries (${JAVA_HOME}/jre/lib/ext).



Create a NIS connection:

<pluginConnection implementationClass="org.lsc.plugins.connectors.nis.generated.NisConnectionType">
username and password are mandatory for a LSC connection, but unused for NIS.

Source service

Create the source service:

<pluginSourceService implementationClass="org.lsc.plugins.connectors.nis.NisSrcService">
  <connection reference="nis-src-conn" />
    <connection reference="nis-src-conn" />

Here you can change the NIS map to synchronize groups:


Run the connector

To run the connector, you need to adjust JAVA_OPTS first:

$ export JAVA_OPTS=-DLSC.PLUGINS.PACKAGEPATH=org.lsc.plugins.connectors.nis.generated

Then, run the connector in a standard way:

$ bin/lsc -s all -f nis-cfg-dir/