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Important note: this test is deprecated.

General information

Who: Sebastien Bahloul

When: first release 14/04/2008, never updated

Summary: how the LSC build and installation are done Build

The standard build is done upon Maven project definition :

  • classical Java based source code is compiled
  • tests are done against the OpenDS embedded directory through Ant launch
  • all files are packaged into the Jar file

Please take care that you need to clear first the target subdirectory via a simple “ant lsc::clean” call before “mvn package”. This build is then tested against the lsc-sample archive to ensure that the new build as not introduce some regression during bug fix or new features integration

The build can be integrated into continuous integration servers like Continuum or Hudson easily through default Maven plugin. It is, for example done, for the official continuous server :

The final goal is to use most standard build system to avoid custom scripts or dedicated method.


The LSC installation engine relies upon AntInstaller. The installation build is done through the “ant lsc::installer” command and is then fully processed by the AntInstaller engine and by the src/install/resource/build.xml Ant script.

The final goal is to simplify at the maximum, all the optional operations to simplify at the higher level the standard use.