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Bibiotheque Centre Pompidou Publique d'Information uses LSC to generate their main directory from different data sources including CSV files.


Lapeyre uses LSC to generate its main directory from different data sources, including human resources system.

Sagem Communications

Sagem Communications uses the LSC to generate a duplicated OpenLDAP structure from their primary Active Directory.

Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design synchronize all students and employees account data to an OpenLDAP, which feeds many different systems like mailserver, fileserver and so on...


Université Pierre et Marie Curie uses LSC to generate and maintain their complex directory. This includes querying a specific Oracle client / server application database, and results in over 250 000 objects.

United Nations

United Nations is using it for almost two years to sync AD, LDAP and different RDBMS back and forth. It's more or less 60.000 entries that are synced daily.

Ville de Villeurbanne

Ville de Villeurbanne is using LSC to sync users and groups from Active Directory to OpenLDAP.