You want to contribute? Start by checking out the repository. Details are on the download page.

Feel free to send

The preferred language is English, but please send it anyway!

Source code

Please adhere to our defined code style.

Please check your code against:

  • Checkstyle + Sun checks for code style

  • Cobertura for test coverage (try to reach 30% for new features)

If you add new features, please contribute also the technical specification and test cases (JUnit + test plan).


If you want to propose a fix or a new feature, please send a pull request on our github repository. Someone of the LSC core team should answer you within 3 days.

Even core team members need to contribute trough pull request in order to get feedback before applying their changes. If a core team member does not get any feedback within 3 days, he may apply himself his pull request.

Contribution strategy

There are multiple branches in the repository:

  • main: current development branch

  • v2.X: contains all the fixes for the current 2.X stable version

If you want to propose a pull request, you must determine if your change:

  • is introducing a new feature or a fix that breaks the current behaviour of LSC

  • is a minor change, or is fixing a bug

In the first case you should propose a merge into main, in the 2nd case in v2.X.

Development documentation

A collection of documentation for developers is available:


You can find LSC on GitHub: There you can fill bugs, see the history of commits,…

License and contributions

LSC is under BSD license. To contribute new features or documentation, you need to send your code with a precise notice about the license under which you want to contribute. If this is not the original project license, your contribution will be integrated in a “third parties contribution” directory (non existent at this time).