Using plugins

A plugin is a component that extends the capabilities of LSC in term of :

  • new source / ldap services

  • scripting language

  • sync options implementation

There are multiple plugins, available under LSC-project project on github


Generally, for using a plugin, you need to:

  • get the plugin (the .jar file) and put it inside LSC lib directory. (for example /usr/lib/lsc)

  • read the plugin documentation to understand how to configure the new parameters/options

  • load the plugin, either by exporting JAVA_OPTS in your shell:

export JAVA_OPTS="-DLSC.PLUGINS.PACKAGEPATH=org.lsc.plugins.connectors.PLUGIN-NAME.generated"

or by adding the equivalent line in lsc launcher (usually in /usr/bin/lsc)

Develop your plugin

See Develop your plugin