Event based LDAP source serviceΒΆ

This source service uses LDAP vendors capabilities or a time based pulling system to look for updates inside a directory.

This LSC plugin enables event-based updates handling upon supported directories based on LDAP Persistent search control and LDAP Content Synchronization Operation.

It supports :

  • through LDAP Persistent Search Control :

    • Netscape Directory Server,

    • Sun Directory Server (native and Java edition),

    • Oracle Directory server,

    • OpenDS and OpenDJ

  • through LDAP Content Synchronization Control :

    • OpenLDAP 2.4+

    • Apache DS (to be fully checked)

  • through proprietary Microsoft control : Active Directory


The support for Active Directory is limited. Indeed, AD only accepts persistent search with the filter (objectClass=*). See the LDAP Server Notification control for more information.

It has exactly the same parameters as a LDAP source service requires, plus the <serverType> element, as shown below:

        <connection reference="ldap-src-conn" />

The generic settings are described there: LDAP source service

The specific settings are:

  • synchronizingAllWhenStarting: set to false to bypass a full synchronization on start (default: true)

  • serverType: one the following values:

    • OpenLDAP

    • ApacheDS

    • OpenDS

    • OpenDJ

    • OracleDS

    • SunDS

    • NetscapeDS

    • ActiveDirectory

    • NovellEDirectory