Quick notes for developers wanting to release a version of LSC.


Make sure a branch is ready for release. This must involve testing by automated tests and a call for testing by developers and willing users.

Update version

Version needs to be updated in:

  • pom.xml

  • src/install/lsc-core.spec

  • src/install/debian/changelog


Then tag the version:

git tag -a vVERSION -m "Tag for release VERSION"

Set back SNAPSHOT version in pom.xml.


Build with:

mvn -Popendj clean package


We currently distribute the following files:

  • lsc-core-VERSION-src.tar.gz: source archive

  • lsc-core-VERSION-dist.tar.gz: distribution archive, containing all required dependencies

  • lsc-core-VERSION-installer.jar: automated graphical installer to install the dist archive above

See also packaging.