General overview of the lsc.xml file

The main configuration file

Configuration parameters described here must be placed in the lsc.xml file, located in either:

  • The directory specified by the -f command line parameter to LSC, generally the etc sub directory

  • The etc sub-directory if you launch LSC with the java command and the org.lsc.Launcher class

General rules about this file:

  • Parameter order is important! Please respect the order given in examples.

  • Characters contained between <!-- and --> are comments

  • XML entities like & should be converted or enclosed in CDATA, for example:




XML namespace

The XML namespace must be declared in lsc.xml. This namespace will vary with LSC releases, so keep it up to date in your configuration files:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<lsc xmlns="" revision="0">



Settings are divided into the following sections:

  • lsc>connections: all the settings required to identify the way connections must be established (URL, login, …)

  • lsc>tasks: various properties describing the way a source service may be synchronized with a destination service. In order to achieve this, source and destination services are wrapped to the available connections, and synchronization options are specified (transform and set values)

  • lsc>audits: specify the audits settings

  • lsc>security>encryption: specify the security options. Currently, there are only encryption options